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The non-profit organization we are currently supporting is D’arcy’s Arc – western Canada’s largest no-kill animal shelter (registered charity number 861952828RR0001). In just 15 short years since it was founded, D’arcy’s Arc has saved the lives of over 12,000 dogs and cats that would have otherwise died on the streets or been euthanized in “kill” shelters. D’arcy’s is a registered charity and a privately owned and operated animal shelter that does amazing work for helpless, homeless and abandoned animals – with no government funding. Currently, D’arcy’s Arc is undertaking an expansion plan which will enable the shelter to increase its capacity and take in considerably larger numbers of homeless animals every year, and care for them until they can be placed in a loving forever home. That means more animals rescued from being euthanized in kill shelters, and more space for homeless stray and abandoned dogs and cats from the streets. We know first hand the amazing work D’arcy’s Arc is doing for homeless animals. We know the incredible dedication, hard work and passion D’arcy and his staff dedicate each day to rescuing needy animals who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. Our mission is to help ensure that D’arcy’s Arc has the resources necessary to make their shelter expansion a reality, so we’re donating a portion from each and every purchase made at EveryPurchaseHelpsAnimals.com to D’arcy’s Arc.

When you make a purchase at EveryPurchaseAnimals.com you’re helping a very worthy cause – you are helping save the lives of helpless, homeless animals. So shop guilt-free and you’ll help a homeless animal get a second chance at life. With us, shopping is caring.

Shop. Do good. Feel fabulous knowing you’ve made a difference.

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We Are Proud to Be Supporting Darcy’s A.R.C.
A Portion of Every Purchase Goes to Help Homeless Cats and Dogs Rescued by Darcy’s A.R.C.:

darcys-arcDarcy’s A.R.C (Animal Rescue Center)
Registered charity number 861952828RR0001
730B Century Street
Winnipeg, MB  Canada R3H 0M1


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