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EveryPurchaseHelpsAnimals.com was founded in December 2015 by two people who are passionate about helping pets in need, and who share a mission to raise funds to help save homeless animals.

There is a homeless pet crisis in North America, and around the world.  Millions of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are “destroyed” in animal shelters in the United States alone every year.

All any of these animals ever wanted was a safe and loving home and family.

Their lives are ended by euthanasia in shelters due to overcrowding, or they die homeless on the streets.

Either way, they die scared, alone, abandoned and heartbroken.

We’re not okay with that.

In fact, we lie awake at night thinking about it, and it haunts us while we sleep. That is how deeply we care.

In December 2015 we  began the first step on our journey to do our part to make a difference for homeless animals with the launch of EveryPurchaseHelpsAnimals.com, a social enterprise and online store where every single purchase made will result in a donation to a no-kill shelter or other non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the plight of homeless animals.

We invite you to shop for the cause. Every purchase you make will help us raise money for homeless animals and the no-kill shelters that heroically provide a safe haven for the lucky few. Donations allow these shelters to continue operating, and in some cases, to expand so they can save the lives of greater numbers of homeless pets.

You shop, we donate.

We donate $5 from every order you place with us, in addition to a percentage of our profit on every order – and we’re just getting started. We intend for those numbers to become even more generous in the future as we grow.

At EveryPurchaseHelpsAnimals.com shopping is caring, because of portion of every purchase goes directly to helping animals in need. So it’s win-win.  Shop guilt-free knowingyour purchase has made the difference in the lives of needy animals. And the more you buy, the more we help. Please come back and shop with us frequently, and together we’ll make a difference.

Anyone who has every truly loved an animal understands that inside they are just like us. They feel, they think, they need love, and they give love, unconditionally. Every animal deserves a safe and loving home.

If you support our mission to help raise money for homeless animals and the no-kill shelters that save lives, please tell your friends about EveryPurchaseHelpsAnimals.com and spread the word on social media!

Learn more about the no-kill rescue we’re helping this month.

In Memory of our Boo Boo
May 2008 – July 27, 2015
In Memory of Our Boo-Boo BearRescued from ”Death Row”
December 5, 2008 at age of 6 months
Lost to cancer at 7 years old.
Gone far too soon. We miss you, Booey.
You’ll forever be Our Baby Boo.


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